Welcome to the Isan Project, an international collaboration of Thai and Western Music.

The Isan Project is an idea I came up following a holiday in Thailand where I discovered an Isan band on the Sukhumvit road in bangkok. The group were performing their craft busking for money. Isan is a poor province in North East Thailand but has a strong musical history of instruments and styles.

My first introduction to Isan music was the Phin guitar, and then I heard a Morlam singer in a taxi whilst being hurled around the streets of Bangkok. Eventually I took more interest and bought 500 mp3's from shopping centres to learn more about Isan music.

Through a good friend and drummer "Erik Hargrove" I was fortunate to meet some very friendly Thai stars, Fatboyz Ford and Koh Saxman who started to tell me more about the Isan music. After visiting several local gigs I decided to take a trip to Isan to discover the source of where all this music came from. I took a camera crew with me to create a video blog and I started to develop a few of my own musical ideas using sounds from Isan and fusing them with contemporary music we hear today in London and New York.

We are collaborating with some great musicians and artists from Thailand, USA and the UK. And we are currently enjoying chart success in the UK with Strangers ft Errol Reid that made No.11 in the Music Week Pop Chart and Forever (Remix) ft Richie and Mariam which made it to No.21.

The Isan Project has recently released its debut album "The Spirit of Isan'.

Will Robinson
Executive Producer

  • Will on Soi Morlam with Angel the master of Morlam in
    Udon Thani

  • The team on the road

  • Molarm dress rehearsal in Khon Kaen

  • Filming Forever video at Wat Muang temple

  • Will Robinson at Korat University

  • Picture - Will Robinson recording the Saw Duang in Karma Sound Studios